Our Ministries & Groups


Women’s League

Leader: Sis. Josette Myers

The Women’s League has been in existence since about 1945. It is a fellowship of women twenty-five (25) years and over. The group continues to play an active role in the life of the Church and meets every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at the Church. Their aim is to deepen and enrich the worship and witness of the Church by calling women into a fellowship of service, and helping them to follow Christ’s example with loyalty and courage, in home Church and community. Prayer and Bible Study, Church cleaning, as well as visiting and assisting senior citizens and shut-in members of the church are some of the duties the group members have undertaken. They also conduct worship services, are involved in community projects and attend conferences and seminars locally and regionally. Membership is open to women from the wider community.


The Adventurers

Leader: Sis. Iris Halbert-Hodge

The Adventurers was established under the initiation of Rev. Dr. Wycherley Gumbs to bridge the gap between the Youth Fellowship and the Women’s League. The group officially met for the first time on October 27, 1993. Their activities include

  • Visits to sick and shut-in members
  • Observance of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas through the distribution of tokens
  • Social events
  • Fundraising
  • Programmes involving guest speakers and artistes
  • Participation in Church functions

The group operates under the motto “Service to God, the Church and mankind” with their theme song being “O Jesus I have Promised to Serve Thee to the End”. The group emblem is a lamp engraved on a pin which is worn on the uniform for special occasions.


The Girls’ Brigade

Leader: Sis. Carmelita Merchant

The Brigade is composed of local Companies, each of which is connected with an approved Christian denomination. Every member is charged with the responsibility to attend Church, Bible Class or Sunday School. The 4th Nevis Company is a vital part of the Charlestown Methodist Church family and provides an opening for evangelistic work. The Church together with the officers are responsible for the spiritual growth and practical Christian training of the girls in their care. The Brigade provides a syllabus of work designed to help girls attain physical, mental and spiritual maturity and encourages them to express what they learn, through practical service in the home, Church and community.

The aim – To help girls to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and through self control, reverence and a sense of responsibility, to find true enrichment of life.

The Principles

The Brigade acknowledges Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord according to the scriptures and seeks to fulfill its Aim to the glory of one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Brigade witnesses to the standard set by Jesus Christ and gives positive teaching on the Christian attitude to life. The Brigade promotes a just society where all people are equally valued.

The Motto – To seek, serve, and follow Christ.


The Boys Brigade

Leader: Sis. Clarice Maynard

The object of the Boys Brigade is “the advancement of Christ’s kingdom among boys and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect, and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.” Its emblem is an anchor on a cross with its motto “Sure and Steadfast” inscribed on the anchor. The 3rd Nevis Company is the Boys Brigade Company attached to the Charlestown Methodist Church. The company was organized around April, 1946. The Boys Brigade meets every Tuesday and engages its members in Bible study and drills. There is presently a roll of 15 boys.


Youth Fellowship

Leader: Sis.Josette Myers

The Charlestown Methodist Youth Fellowship is a vibrant group of teenagers and young adults who meet on Friday evenings from 7:30 p.m. The group’s motto is “Live, Love and Serve Christ” and its aim is “To be true Followers of Christ”.

Members engage in fun-filled activities which promote holistic development. The monthly schedule caters to the Spiritual, Social, Physical and Educational developmental needs of the youths.

Activities include meaningful participation in Church service on youth Sunday (which is the third Sunday in each month), hikes, walks and picnics, Bible study, in house and circuit competitions, exchange visits and other circuit and conference activities.


Jerusalem Children’s Choir

Leader: Sis. Jennifer Hodge

The Jerusalem Children’s Choir celebrated 21 years of existence in September 2013. The present roll of the choir is 55 (31 girls and 24 boys). Choir rehearsal is held every Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and includes learning songs, Bible verses and good manners and deportment.


Men With Purpose

Leader: Bro. William Griffin

The group Men With Purpose was started in 2008. In addition to its annual anniversary concert on the last Sunday of October each year, the groups visits sister churches and takes part in the worship. At its inception the group adopted the Church and Manse grounds. The men have planted flowers as well as shade trees in the Church yard and a variety of fruit trees on the grounds of the Manse. Group members also participate in daily yard work and general maintenance of the grounds on both properties.


Senior Choir

Sometime during the 1920’s, the late Helen Bridgewater who was the daughter of a Methodist Minister and a very energetic and professional musician, was both Organist and Choir Director for the Charlestown Methodist Senior Choir. Following her there was Miss. Edna Bridgewater, Organist and her sister Miss. Nellie Bridgewater who assisted her as Secretary and Script Writer of music ordered from England. Other Organist over the years were Mr. Harry Wenham, Mrs. Gladys Williams, Mr. Dinsdale Morton, Mrs. Merle Wattley and Mrs. Iola Byron. At present Mr. Rohan Claxton is the Organist, assisted by Mr. John Williams.

The Senior Choir was not organized to sing. One of the groups’ main functions from its inception was to lead the congregational singing during Church Services and programmes. As such rehearsals are held each week. Choir directors over the years included Mr. W. C. Clarke, an Englishman, Mr. Harry Wenham, Mr. Cecil Byron and Miss. Lyndis Walters.

At every celebration and Festival of the Church namely: Covenant Sunday, Harvest, Easter Sunday, Mothers’ Day, Christmas morning service, Wesley Day, Old year’s night, as well as special programmes, such as Cantatas, to commemorate these days, special items are rendered by the Choir. The Choir also gives missionary donations to the Church.


Church School

Leader: Sis. Hazel Manners-David

There are currently four functioning departments of the Church School, namely; Beginners (Under 5 years), Primary (5 – 8 years), Junior (9 – 11 years) and Senior (12 – 15 years). Church School outreach activities include “White Gift”, an annual effort when members donate gifts wrapped in white. These gifts which include foodstuff, toiletries and money are then distributed to the house bound and needy as well as to members resident at the Flamboyant Nursing Home and the St. George’s and St. John’s Senior Citizens Home, and visits. Other Church school activities include the Easter Fun Day, Movie Night, Know Your Church and Bible Quiz and annual Christmas concert.


Youth Choir

Leader: Sis.Deslyn Johnson

The youth choir has been revived in recent times. The group is under the directorship of Mrs. Deslyn Williams-Johnson and is comprised of teenagers and young persons in the congregation. Rehearsal is held every Friday afternoon from 5:00 p.m. Items are rendered on Youth Sundays and at other church functions. The group also sang backup vocals for the Notes of Praise Bands programme “Nobody Greater”.


Notes of Praise Band

Leader: Sis. Kelva Merchant

The development of the Music Ministries within the Charlestown Methodist Church began when a few members of the church, who are also musicians, identified a need for a new dimension to the current musical arrangements. John Williams, Masefield Nisbett and Lorette Brand-Willett met and as a result, took the initiative to recruit other musicians of the church with a view towards enhancing the current musical arrangements.

After the full band was assembled, the group was formalized and the church body was asked to submit suitable names for the band. As a result of these suggestions, the name CMC Notes of Praise was permanently assigned to the group.

Over the years, many persons have lent their time and talents towards the mandate of the group such as: past vocalists: Hadassa Willett, Stevee Jones, Florell Hobson and Winette Hobson; with musicians Jude Hanley, Brian Dyer Jr. and Nigel David.


The Band’s membership has been confirmed at 12 members, including the following males: John Williams, Masefield Nisbett, Clester Roberts, Conrad Perry, Llewelyn Parris,Kisean Warner,Basil Manners, Ashanti Parris and Richard Matthew; and females: Kurlyn Merchant,Althea Simon-Liburd and Kelva Merchant.

Special Mention also to Gavin Patterson who although not a member of the group, always willingly assists when called upon.


  • Music Ministries Development –includes conducting praise & worship during regular Sunday morning service;providing the accompaniment during the Communion aspect of the first Sunday’s Service; accompanying groups and organizations of the Church with performances both during the worship and during other church related activities; and also maintaining PA system and other musical equipment.
  • Community Outreach– includes involvement in various interdenominational gospel programs and projects; musical productions/concerts.